For our explorer…

I wanted to share my little simple sweetness with you all. It’s sorta the little bit of excitement that keeps me going at times. Walking into my little boy’s room and sitting in his glider letting the light touch the walls. I can absolutely say that I am not ready for this extreme challenge. I am more of a realist when it comes to things being tough. I tend to over dramatize the situation in hopes to not to be disappointed or come out short. (I wouldn’t say its a negative thing…just me.) Brandon and I took child birthing/prep classes this last weekend. And boy, was it a bit overwhelming.

I hope for a grace to be with me during the time of gettin’ this kid out! haha. Lord knows.

So here is Laef’s little room. I’m a pretty simple decorator. I can’t stand baby cheese decor or light blues, yellows, pinks… =p (I can handle the light green….. slightly.) Brandon and I wanted to go for something that went along with Laef’s name. We named him after Leif Ericson the great viking explorer who discovered America. And we spelled it differently because we didn’t want people to call him “Leaf”. We want it pronounced “Layf”. (His poor teachers, right?) His name means “Heir,” “Descendant,”  “One who is loved,” and his middle name “Owen” means “Well-born” or “Born of nobility.”

So we chose the “theme” of voyage, explorer, nations, maps, paper boats, ships, lanterns, burlap, etc. I think it’s appropriate. And I keep thinking of that scripture, “Blessed is the man whose heart is set on a pilgrimage.” – Psalm 84:5

If you remember, I painted my office from yellow to “Willow Tree” by Sherwin Williams. (See my blog/before and after here.) We kept the wall color and my office got kicked to downstairs. 😉 (It’s okay… I got a fabulous desk and a new iMac, I won’t die.)

Here is my color scheme for Laef’s room…


laef swatches

Remember how I said I got so many beautiful things at my shower about a month ago!? (blog post here) Oh, man…..  My friend, Sharon, made the canvas “Laef Owen” sign. I also have a green one my sister-in-law made. I may switch them out from time to time. I painted the dresser from black to mustard. Changing pad is from Ikea ($7.) Lamp ($2) from Clines Antiques. Crib is from Walmart. (yo.) The luggage to the right of his crib is his diaper bag (green one) and other bag’s for travel. (Currently my hospital bag.)

I got my glider on Amazon. It’s a Stork Craft.

So my sister-in-law, Jessica, makes dolls. She made Laef “Mr. Bowtie” and made him vikingish with red hair. ;D And she also made little Mr. “Eric the Red” on the left.

The blanket my mom had made for me by my Aunt. I got my sheets from They sell lots of amazing colors that aren’t “precious and blue.” *smile*

I still want to get a shag green rug from Ikea. But we’re saving our pennies just to have this little person.

Laef room 3

Laef room 4

My mom made me this sweet mobile out of maps and old children’s encyclopedias. I love it.

 Laef room 5

My sister-in-law also made me these amazing pillows with trimming from one of my great grandmother’s dresses.

Laef room 6

My friend, Jessica Howerton, made these boats for me for my shower. Oh my goodness….I just love them so much.


Laef room 7

details Laef room 8

drawer open Laef;s room

Laef's stylin

Moses Basket awaiting his arrival. And yes, I had to share my totally amazing stroller contraption… (It’s pretty incredible the stuff you get excited about.)

Laef's stuff

Hoping to bring him home in these threads….. (left.) And in our kitchen, my friend, Sharon, started a countdown chalkboard till my due date. (Of course, who knows when he’ll come.)

Waiting on Laef

Here in the next month, I’m going to be starting a personal blog to journal my findings as a mom. I mostly am doing this for family out of state and for my own personal life.  It will be a journey/blog of us raising our little family (our paper boats…) I most likely won’t advertise it and try to become the next new “Mommy blogger” …. no….. just raw writings, iPhone photos and an easy way to remember.  Read if you want.

paper boats blog

So since I’m sharing house photos, I wanted to finally share my updated living room photos. (If you haven’t seen all my blogs of us updating our home check them out… Office photos, Kitchen photos, and my lovely bedroom.) We redid our living room, hallway, and bathrooms in November. We replaced every plug, door knob, door hinge and got new carpet and flooring in our living room and hallway. We also painted everything. So here is the before….. (notice all the gold door knobs. =p )

brown living room

brown living room2

drumroll………  This is Benjamin Moore’s Coventry Gray.

gray living room3 coventry gray

gray living room1 coventry gray

(To the Left) Told you have a fabulous new desk… (To the right….) I’m waiting to fill that wall with a beautiful new family photo once our little lad arrives.  (And sleeping kitties always warm the heart)

gray living room2 coventry gray

(Left) a place to hold our keys…. (Right) we got all new faux-wood flooring in the hallway.

gray living room4 coventry gray

I would show you pictures of the bathroom. But the light is so bad in there, it wouldn’t make a huge difference.

So before my home gets “babyfied”….. this is what I enjoy. Clean and simple. I like it that way.

Andrew and Daphne’s Wedding at Freedom Park

Daphne and Andrew’s wedding took place at the end of August at Freedom Park in Charlotte, NC.  The Ceremony and Reception took place on the parks island under lovely willow trees, very breezy (effects from Hurricane Irene) and blue sky. It was gorgeous. Really great.  If you haven’t already seen Daphne & Andrew’s engagement session – check it out here. Daphne and Andrew have such great taste. All their details were handmade and so romantic. The smallest things made the biggest difference in decorating. Simple and romantic. I loved, loved, loved shooting their day.

Daphne pretty much has the best facial expressions when she is happy and excited. I loved it. She was/is a beautiful bride. (Her dress is an Allure if anyone is interested)

Andrew and Daphne are leaving in a few weeks to move to Korea to teach English. They will be missed. :( Great adventures await them on their new married life together.

Thank you Anna Hollingsworth for being a great 2nd shooter.

Thank you  Daphne and Andrew for letting me a part of of your day, I have enjoyed getting to know you both, and its been great to work with you guys! Congrats!!!

I hope you enjoy these photos!

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Yellow no more!

Well… If you haven’t had a chance to see the transformation of my “red kitchen” click here and read the little story about my lovely taste at the age of 20. haha… Now is your chance. :) Since that blog, I’ve added curtains, 60’s canisters, we transformed our light fixture into mason jar lights, I added a wine rack, and a 60’s yellow clock! Maybe I should update that blog.

I’ve been waiting for a while to get this room done! And I feel like I’m about 85% complete. I want to get a light fixture, pillows for the futon, and some frames full of my photography. (I’m waiting to see some of my new photos I’ve been taking with film) I’m sure I’ll be switching things around and adding things over time. But here is the basics of what we did. I’m really excited to share!

I think this room was much worse then the kitchen. I don’t know what I was thinking when I painted this place four and a half years ago. But… I’m so glad I’ve changed whatever that was in me. Before the transformation I had a bright yellow room with a chocolate brown wall. (I’m sure if I would have worked on this room It could have been better. But I had no motivation with it looking this color)

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