Ben & Jacqui Rosenbush’s Wedding at Silverwood Park in St Anthony MN

In one of my recent blogs, I wrote about how I went to Minnesota to see my dear friend/photography mentor (read here)

Shelley and I shot this wedding together, I was her second shooter and as always I really enjoyed shooting. This wedding has to be my absolutely favorite as of yet…

Ben and Jacqui are friends of my friend Shelley, so going into the wedding I had a lot of back ground about them and it really excited me to shoot this with Shelley. (Here’s a link to her blog about their wedding) I loved how Ben and Jacqui planned and decorated their wedding. Their taste is very similar to my own, so I felt a lot of passion in shooting their details.

Jacqui’s dress was from TJMax and all her girls  purchased white cotton dresses from different stores. They then threw each dress into teal dye and dyed them all the same color.  Jacqui also has dreads, which made it all the more amazing.

Ben is a musician and music teacher,so for the ceremony he had a string orchestra come and play. (It was so incredible!) The bride and groom left the ceremony along with their bridal party playing kazoos….

Where they got married is Silverwood Park in St. Anthony, MN. Perfect evening, beautiful light, glorious bride and groom and a lovely wedding. I loved it! Congrats Ben and Jacqui I really enjoyed getting to know you both!

Here’s some of my favorite photos from their day…

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