Adam & Jenifer


I’ve known Jenifer for probably eighteen or nineteen years. I met her at our church when I was around 10 years old. (wow… I’m feeling super old right about now!) We have a piece of history that’s really sweet to think about, and we’ve even jumped through London puddles together almost two decades ago. We pretty much never see each other except on social media, funerals and now a wedding… I’ve kept up with her life over time, and I’ve always thought highly of her and her amazing family.

Jenifer and Adam met on a mission trip to Jamaica one glorious year, and the rest is history…. four children later plus one on the way. Now ten years have passed and they wanted to to do something special for their tenth anniversary. Jenifer planned a vow renewal on the property of River Oaks Retreat Center. In the middle of the woods with their closest friends and family, they renewed their vows.

The sweetest part for me was to photograph the process of these two getting their children ready for this event. I shoot weddings all the time, but what made this one special and unique was seeing the product of their love–their children, involved in the day.

Congrats on ten beautiful years, Jenifer & Adam! I’m so happy we got to be a part of your day! 😉

And a special shout out to my husband, Brandon, who shot this wedding with me. You’re the best.


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I hope you enjoyed this photography in the Carolina’s at River Oaks Retreat Center of Jenifer and Adams ten year anniversary vow renewal ceremony! 

Holiday Season Mini Sessions!


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Fall IMG_7368 IMG_7057

South Carolina peach orchards


howerton6 144Esther&Randy11.13.12

South Carolina peach orchards




133Esther&Randy11.13.12 124JosiahNicole11.11.12 114DrewEA11.12.11 104HowertonFamily11.2.13 100GriffinFamily10.20.13 81HoenigFamily11.4.13

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South Carolina peach orchards 33Colleen9.13.13


57HowertonFamily11.2.13 Kyle&Leah9.7.13126 15Gatlynfamily12.1.13 39Rivers12.26.13 72GericsFamily12.26.13 03GericsFamily12.26.13 IMG_6009