Holiday Season Mini Sessions!


Announcing Family Holiday Mini-Sessions!

For $300 you will receive:

  • A thirty-minute family, couple or portrait session in the South Carolina peach orchards in Fort Mill
  • Twelve high-resolution edited images. (Additional images are also available for purchase.)
  • An online gallery for viewing/sharing, album and print orders.

For the best fall colors in the orchards, I recommend scheduling your mini session the last weeks of October and first weeks of November.

(Up to six people per family. $25 per additional person.)

If you wish to have a longer family session please contact me.

Please contact [email protected] for more details or to schedule your session.

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Family Family……

I thought I would share a few photos we took back in December for our Christmas card. I took a few of my Brother, Sister in law, and sweet nephew Káel. They snapped a few of us together.

My dress I’m wearing was my great grandmother best Sunday dress. Isn’t it so lovely?

I hope you enjoy these! 😉

These are edited with VSCO Film from Visual Supply

Brandon & Rebekah1

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