Holiday Season Mini Sessions!


Announcing Family Holiday Mini-Sessions!

For $300 you will receive:

  • A thirty-minute family, couple or portrait session in the South Carolina peach orchards in Fort Mill
  • Twelve high-resolution edited images. (Additional images are also available for purchase.)
  • An online gallery for viewing/sharing, album and print orders.

For the best fall colors in the orchards, I recommend scheduling your mini session the last weeks of October and first weeks of November.

(Up to six people per family. $25 per additional person.)

If you wish to have a longer family session please contact me.

Please contact [email protected] for more details or to schedule your session.

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20Nefffamily11.24.1346Michael&Erin10.26.14133Esther&Randy11.13.12 124JosiahNicole11.11.12 114DrewEA11.12.11 104HowertonFamily11.2.13IMG_4821 100GriffinFamily10.20.13 81HoenigFamily11.4.1393HowertonFamily11.2.13 45Nefffamily11.24.13 45HoenigFamily11.4.13 74HowertonFamily11.2.1366Michael&Erin10.26.14South Carolina peach orchards 33Colleen9.13.13129Ryan&Kim10.20.1257HowertonFamily11.2.13 Kyle&Leah9.7.1312685Matthew&Emily11.14.14 15Gatlynfamily12.1.13 39Rivers12.26.13 72GericsFamily12.26.13 03GericsFamily12.26.13 IMG_600983Fragas.Mason.Medina.3.21.15 10Brandifffamily3.24.15 14Dingessfamily3.24.15 12Fragas.Mason.Medina.3.21.15 154Fragas.Mason.Medina.3.21.15 55Dingessfamily3.24.15 IMG_9287

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Announcing Family Holiday Mini-Sessions!


Announcing Family Holiday Mini-Sessions!

For $200 you will receive:

  • Twenty-Five Minute Family/Couple session in the South Carolina Peach Orchards (Up to six people per family. $25 per additional person.)
  • Five high-resolution edited images. Additional images also available.
  • An online gallery for viewing, sharing and print orders.

For best fall colors in the orchards, I recommend scheduling your mini session during the first three weeks of November. Please contact [email protected] or 704-778-1940 for more details or to schedule your session.

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Work it…

Ash & Scott 1

Last weekend I had the incredible honor to get to once again learn and shoot with Shelley Paulson who has been my photography mentor the last 4 years. Shelley did a workshop with a few ladies from North/South Carolina that she has mentored for a while. We spent time shooting in peak fall in all kinds of different light/different times of day. We learned poses, we were critiqued, we spent time learning off camera flash (which is a scare for me!) and laughing so hard together. It was seriously an amazing time of learning from Shelley and from each other. Our models were some of my friends Ashley and her boyfriend, Scott. And we also shot photos of my neighbors (who are married already) Josiah and Nicole. We ended our evening by doing a mock reception in a parking lot, playing “Gangnam Style” on our iphone while three cameras and a flash shot us all being ridiculous. It was seriously the best wedding I’ve been to. ;D I seriously didn’t know how to not share so many photos… so bear with me. ;D


Ash & Scott 2

Ash & Scott 3

Ash & Scott 4

Ash & Scott 5

ash and scott hands

Ash & Scott 6

Ash & Scott 7

laying in grass ash and scott

laying in grass ash and scott 2


Nicole 2

Nicole 3

Nicole 5

Nicole 6

josiah & Nicole 1

josiah & Nicole 2

josiah & Nicole 3

josiah & Nicole 4

josiah & Nicole 5

josiah and nicole9

josiah & Nicole 6


Out takes:

Below: I stole this from Shelley…

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