Holiday Season Mini Sessions!


Announcing Family Holiday Mini-Sessions!

For $250 you will receive:

  • A thirty-minute family, couple or portrait session in the South Carolina peach orchards in Fort Mill
  • Ten high-resolution edited images. (Additional images are also available for purchase.)
  • An online gallery for viewing/sharing, album and print orders.

For the best fall colors in the orchards, I recommend scheduling your mini session the first three weeks of November.

(Up to six people per family. $25 per additional person.)

If you wish to have a longer family session please visit here for prices.

Please contact [email protected] or 704-778-1940 for more details or to schedule your session.


Fall IMG_7368 IMG_7057

South Carolina peach orchards


howerton6 144Esther&Randy11.13.12

South Carolina peach orchards




133Esther&Randy11.13.12 124JosiahNicole11.11.12 114DrewEA11.12.11 104HowertonFamily11.2.13 100GriffinFamily10.20.13 81HoenigFamily11.4.13

93HowertonFamily11.2.13 45Nefffamily11.24.13 45HoenigFamily11.4.13 74HowertonFamily11.2.13


South Carolina peach orchards 33Colleen9.13.13


57HowertonFamily11.2.13 Kyle&Leah9.7.13126 15Gatlynfamily12.1.13 39Rivers12.26.13 72GericsFamily12.26.13 03GericsFamily12.26.13 IMG_6009

Kevin and Lindsay’s Wedding Weekend, Part 2

290Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14If you didn’t see part one of Kevin and Lindsay’s dreamy weekend, click here.

So I’ve been dying to show you some of my favorite images from one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve been able to shoot. This is the venue and property of “The Inn at Palmetto Bluff.” It is a dream, everywhere you look.

Kevin and Lindsay had cottages on the property where they got ready, their ceremony took place at the small chapel on the property, the cocktail hour was on the lawn in front of the water and the reception was in the ballroom of the club house.

I feel like Jesus just smiled on us all, as we had the most amazing weather, light, and the perfection of sweet, sweet moments. I’m in awe and still floored at how amazing this day was for me, my second shooter, and my assistant.

I would like to give a shout out to Julia Laible Photography and Kaitlin Spellman for shooting, holding lights, holding bags, giving me water, and driving my golf cart. ;) Y’all made it happen with me!

I hope everyone loves these images as much as I do.

Congrats, Lindsay & Kevin! Thank you so very much for letting us be there on your wedding day!

08Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 01Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 Collage crusejohnson14

21Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 23Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 27Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 35Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 Collage crusejohnson3

56Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 58Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 65Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 67Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 70Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 Collage crusejohnson2 76Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 77Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 Collage crusejohnson15 91Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 94Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 97Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 107Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 Collage crusejohnson1 Collage crusejohnson

112Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 113Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 116Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 117Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 146Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 154Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 Collage crusejohnson5 161Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 Collage crusejohnson4 Collage crusejohnson6 175Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 Collage crusejohnson16

Collage crusejohnson12

185Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 188Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 Collage crusejohnson8 Collage crusejohnson7 Collage crusejohnson13 214Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 234Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 235Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 238Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 239Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 251Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 256Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 257Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 262Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 263Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 268Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14

Kevin and Lindsay's Wedding at The Inn at Palmetto Bluff 290Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14A Collage crusejohnson9300Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 341Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 345Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 351Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 352Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 353Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 Collage crusejohnson10 356Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 358Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 359Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 Collage crusejohnson11 367Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 376Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 381Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 385Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 388Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 389Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 403Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 405Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14
413Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 416Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 428Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 430Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 433Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 434Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 435Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 437Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 445Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 446Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 468Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 470Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 472Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 474Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 487Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 478Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 481Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 490Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 518Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 505Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 533Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 539Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14553Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14
559Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 564Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 565Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 561Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 566Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 569Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 570Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 571Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 572Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 576Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 594Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 596Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 597Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 599Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 601Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14 602Kevin&Lindsay4.12.14



Behind the scenes…


So little did you know, but… I was/am 34 weeks pregnant with my second little boy, Atlas Noble. I’m currently due in 4-5 weeks (which is why this wedding is going up so quickly on the blog.) My assistant, Kaitlin Spellman, was an angel to me all weekend. She snapped a few photos of me so that everyone can see my crazy, large self doing what I love. Let’s just say I didn’t start hurting until I sat down to eat my dinner during the reception. That’s when I realized… “Oh yeah, I’m pregnant.” …oh, and also when I hit the ground to get the shot of Lindsay putting on her shoe’s…”Oh yeah, I have a bump..”


JLJ_7953 Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset _MG_2542

You can come now, baby Atlas… I’m done editing. haha!