Abraham and Rebekah in Noda

So the story goes that Rebekah grew up with me in children’s church when I was like four years old. Neither of us remember one another. My parents have spent a lot of time with this couple, and really love them. Rebekah facebooked me one afternoon and asked if I would be wiling to take some pictures of Abraham for an instrumental album that he is currently working on. We both have mutual friends (+my parents) and I got excited to do this for them. He’s a guitarist, and Rebekah, is a teacher. They just recently found out they are expecting a baby! Really beautiful, sweet couple… I really enjoyed this shoot.

They drove from Morganton, NC area. We met a Amélie’s french bakery in Noda, Charlotte.  And then drove down to the small area of Noda where there is so much colour and texture to photograph. I loved it!

I also did some photos of Rebekah…  (she is so lovely!)

I had a great time getting to know them!

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