Bahama Beaches and Blizzard Biking


Yeah, so it’s been a very long time since I’ve done a very personal blog. And by the end of this you may feel like you’ve become connected with what October was like for me. But, it’s your choice as to how far you keep scrolling. You won’t hurt my feelings.

As I said last year, fall always has the way of making you feel reminisc(ee)–haha! As soon as pumpkins start coming out and color starts happening on my front yard trees, I want to kick up the leaves and remember this year. It has been an extremely insane year. Busy, busy, busy. And I don’t think that “busy” for the sake of “busy” is necessarily a virtue. It doesn’t make me sound cool saying… “Oh, I’ve been so busy.” But the truth is, busy is what puts food on the table, and makes life “happen.” I’ve also had extreme heart hardships this year. Never in my life have I experienced more growing through heartache. I’ve grown in confidence, in identity, and in perspective.  My business has done extremely well this year, and in the end I can’t believe that “I did it!” haha! I’m not quite at the end of my weddings for this year, but I am very proud of me. And that feels good to say.

So, with all my busyness and my husband working 50 hrs a week in the translation industry, and seeing him only on some evenings when I’m not working at my small part-time job, and on the weekends I’m not shooting…we needed a vacation. Back in April when we went away for our anniversary to see my best friend, Sharon, Sharon and I schemed that in the fall we should all four go on a cruise. Sharon and I talk on the phone almost daily. I love, love, love this girl. So the thought of going on the cruise with her and her hubby along with my man and me. wow!! Well…we did it. In August we booked our tickets on Royal Caribbean’s Monarch of the Sea cruise to the Bahamas. Four nights, Two stops. Yes please.

During the second week of October, Brandon and I drove down to Jacksonville, FL to meet Sharon and Ferrill. We then drove down to Port Canaveral to catch our ship.

*Disclaimer: I shot mostly with my iPhone on this trip. And I’m okay with that. So, you’ll see the dance between high resolution photos and the crappy photos from the front camera on the iPhone 4. But… no worries, If I can handle it, you can too.

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