There is something in a girl that loves to reminisce…to remember…to think back and try to feel again what we felt during one of our favorite moments or times. I’m probably the queen of that; I love to remember and to recall sweet moments.

I’m sure I’m not the only girl who flipped through the white and gold pages of their parents’ wedding album. There were only a handful of film photos in my parents’ beautiful album, but those images are so sweet to our hearts because they tell the story of where we came from…of the love that made us.

I like to look at my job as an artist as having an element of the sacred about it. Why? Because my job is to help people remember…to give people back their memories. Fine art photography is a time capsule of sorts.

We all age and our memories fade, but your wedding day, or the jouney of raising your family, or even simply the beauty of youth or of each season of your life—those are things that, down the road, we will yearn to revist. And those are things that our children and their children will hold ever so dear.

Your life is fine art. That’s what I want to capture.


Wedding collection combinations generally come with eight hours of coverage, two photographers, hundreds of edited wedding day digital negatives (which you have the right to print,) and an online gallery for friends and family. For all the information on pricing and photography collections, please get in touch with me.

Portrait Sessions

I really enjoy shooting portraits, whether it’s an engagement session, a family, or even a moment set aside to capture that spark of chemistry between you and the one you love. Contact me and I’ll be happy to send you information and ideas for your portrait session.

The Marvelous Mundane - In-Home Family Sessions

I am also available for in-home family sessions. I will spend 4+ hours in your home as a fly on the wall documenting the sweet and simple chaos and beauty that happens in a home with parents and children. I like to call these sessions “The Marvelous Mundane.”

As a mother to two young boys, I know how quickly they change—how quickly life and everything changes. Our day-to-day now will be completely different a year or two from now. I often find myself wishing I could capture every fleeting moment.

“The Marvelous Mundane” is an opportunity for us to capture a slice of that. These photos will mean a lot to you now, but they will mean so much more down the road—and even just a few short years from now. Please contact me for in-depth information on how to schedule a session.

Rivkah is a fine art portrait and wedding photographer in Charlotte, NC. Rivkah is available wherever you are, but she spends most of her time as a wedding photographer in North Carolina and South Carolina, focusing particularly on wedding photography in Charlotte, NC; Charleston, SC; Asheville, NC; Savannah, GA; Palmetto Bluff, SC; Hilton Head, SC; and surrounding areas.


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Much of my time is spent in the Carolinas and up and down the East Coast. I’m based in the Charlotte, NC area, but I love to travel far and wide and am available no matter where you are.