Merry Christmas B&B

Christmas is next week! Oh my, I can’t believe it. These last few weeks have been so, so busy. I don’t think I’ve ever been this busy over the holidays ever in my life. We went to Dallas for Thanksgiving and spent quality time with my “other, other in laws” (Which is my Sister in-loves (Jessica Gatlyn) parents!) and my family. We had the best time lounging around, eating, laughing, dancing, singing… oh man! Brandon and I loved it.  And then a few days later we hopped on a plane to Ohio, where we were met with a winter wonderland (I thought I was in Narnia). Brandon and I shot my cousin’s lovely winter wedding up by Lake Erie in a little town called Conneaut. Yes, its cold. (like my hat!?)  My mom’s whole family is from up North and we stayed in my sweet Grandma’s 100+ year old house. I love visiting her home. I’m filled with childhood memories every time I visit. Its a bitter sweet time for me. It was fun though to be able to introduce Jessica (my sister-in-love) to all our family and  let her experience “Up North”and the “Gatlyn/Trutwin” side of life.

I shot a “day after wedding” session with my cousin and her new man. We went to a covered bridge and shot snow photos of them together. I think I had 3 pairs of pants on, 4 shirts, plus a jacket. I was so warm. The only thing that did get cold was my poor little fingers. 😉 Jessica and Brandon came as my little “helpers” Jessica saved Christina’s veil from flying off into cliff into a snowy, rushing, icy lake. (She’s a hero)  After the session Jessica shot some photos of Brandon and I together as well as some of me. (She should join my team, what do you think?) I love sharing my personal photos with everyone. I know its my family… but I love photographing them. I hope you love these!! MERRRRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!! ho ho ho ho!

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The Tale of Forest Kael. Part 3

I think we’ve all been waiting for these photos…

Little Káel is a little over three weeks old now and he’s vibrant, full of personality, so sweet, alert, healthy, handsome, and all boy. 😉 I went over to Sam and Jessica’s house yesterday and he was all happy to see his Auntie Rivkah!

Disclaimer: This is my 1st time photographing a baby! 😉

sweet boy collage

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