Montreal, Canada & Stowe, Vermont


Hmm… yes… Montreal. I wanted to share a few photos of my husband’s and my getaway to the North. I was booked for a gorgeous wedding in Stowe, Vermont, and so me and Brandon decided to fly in a few days early and get a sweet airbnb in the beautiful city of Montreal. Since Montreal was only two hours from Stowe, we felt like it would be a wonderful place to visit. And also Brandon speaks a bit of French so he was really excited about getting to be immersed in a French/English culture.

I took a few photos, and I can’t say that I went completely out of the way to get unbelievable shots. I feel that the remainder of my life will always be to struggle against “Should I shoot this, or view it with my eyes and take it in.” and my compromise is to only shoot something that I really want to remember or something that I feel is truly beautiful. So in this case, I don’t feel like I told a huge dramatic story with my photos, as much as I took pieces of my seven days away and made it an art piece that I consider worth sharing and I blog more for me anyways.

We arrived in Burlington, VT and rented a car. We then drove up to Montreal and immediately found the sweetest cafe’s in the old city of Montreal. This cafe was called “Flyjin” and I loved that the windows were open and that the only option for syrup in my latte was maple. I drank so many maple latte’s. And I’m obsessed now.

Our first morning was so incredibly sweet, sleeping in, waking up in a different country, hearing the city waking up and me and Brandon sipping coffee on our patio. Brandon planned our routes to bike and walk for the day.
IMG_9940 IMG_9937 IMG_9943 IMG_9954

We biked nine miles that day. I’ve never loved something so much and prayed so loud in my life out of being terrified. It was extremely scary and incredibly wonderful. We biked to Le Plateau which is considered the “hipster” area of Montreal. And it was incredible and the houses and streets were beautiful.

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This place is called “Café Falco” where they have syphoned coffee. hmm…. I loved this shop.



We spent our evenings on the rooftop overlooking our gorgeous view of Montreal and walking the old streets where we would choose what we wanted to eat every night.


This was our morning coffee / swim view.  yep….

IMG_9969 IMG_0017 IMG_9985 IMG_9995Airbnb Montreal Canada IMG_0028 IMG_9978

We spent so much time in the old city of Montreal, where all the buildings made your heart swoon.


This place was our favorite… the Jardin Nelson  It was an out door garden walled restaurant. I didn’t get any good pictures of the inside, but if you google the place you will see how beautiful it was. We had live jazz and sangria while we ate duck crepes and salad. sigh. IMG_0037 IMG_0040 IMG_0043 IMG_0047

Another cafe that was probably my very favorite… TOMMY café and look at that building….IMG_0061 IMG_0068 IMG_0069

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IMG_4769 IMG_0216 IMG_0139

We popped into the Notre- Dame Basilica where we heard it was super beautiful inside, and it was. Celine Dion got married there… IMG_0071 IMG_0134 IMG_0112 IMG_0092 IMG_0081 IMG_0105 IMG_0219 IMG_0197 IMG_0149 IMG_0224 IMG_4752

We spent our days mostly walking, eating and exploring. I think we walked about 5 or 6 miles a day. One of our other favorite places that we really enjoyed eating was a bistro called  “Marché De La Villete!”  it was probably the most French place we ate at.Bistro Marché De La Villette Old City Montreal Canada IMG_0229

At night all the windows open up and as you walk down the cobble stoned streets you can hear, see and smell into every restaurant as you pass. Hearing french being spoken so beautiful made you feel like you were almost in France.IMG_0262 IMG_0240 IMG_0254 IMG_0267 On our final night in Montreal, we made plans to get an Uber to Mont Royal which we had heard was an amazing view of the city. I don’t think we thought it would be as amazing as it was. We made it to the top right when the sun set…
IMG_0269 IMG_0274

And when we came over the hill….

IMG_0283 IMG_0326 IMG_0341 IMG_0343 IMG_0302 IMG_0298 IMG_4881

Every day in Montreal was simply wonderful. Not one second went by that we didn’t live up the moment. We played hard, and rested hard. We enjoyed our four days there so much and we even made friends.

Our next adventure took us to Stowe, Vermont… this was a day and night difference in our adventure. We drove in to the most beautiful fields of golden rods, black and white cows, red barns and mmm…. fog.

IMG_0350 IMG_0354 IMG_0359 IMG_0363

We met my bride and groom “Eddie & Jennifer” at a sweet coffee shop, downed a maple latte and headed for the top of Mount Mansfield in Stowe, VT. We had plans for me to shoot their engagement session the day before their wedding.  I prayed for fog at the top of that mountain, little did I know… I would get fog like I had never seen before. This was the path we were to follow to get us to the top of the mountain.


We hiked and hiked… and the magic began…
IMG_0371-2 IMG_0381 Eddie & Jennifer engagement photography Mount Mansfield Vermont by Rivkah Fine art photography Eddie & Jennifer engagement photography Mount Mansfield Vermont by Rivkah Fine art photographyEddie & Jennifer engagement photography Mount Mansfield Vermont by Rivkah Fine art photography IMG_9814 IMG_0723 IMG_0722 IMG_0364

Eddie & Jennifer engagement photography Mount Mansfield Vermont by Rivkah Fine art photographyEddie & Jennifer engagement photography Mount Mansfield Vermont by Rivkah Fine art photography

The fog was so wonderful, so thick, and it made us feel like we were in a dream. You can see the blog post of this engagement session here.

The next day we shot Eddie and Jennifer’s gorgeous wedding at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, VT  (I’ll post this wedding on my blog soon!)

Trapp Family Lodge Wedding Photography Rivkah Fine Art Photography Trapp Family Lodge Wedding Photography Rivkah Fine Art PhotographyIMG_2637 IMG_2613 IMG_2625

Our time in Stowe was quick, but extremely memorable. We even stayed next door to the Ben and Jerry’s factory. Of course we stopped in. 😉

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We missed our sweet babies for seven days, but we needed our time away and loved every moment together. Getting to just sit and do nothing when we wanted to was luxurious.

We’re so thankful to my folks for watching our boys for a week, so we could go vacation, explore and work!