Seven Years. Arizona Part 3



I feel extremely excited to share this blog with you. (Warning: If you hate beautiful rocks then you will dislike this blog. And this may be long.) If you would like to hear a little bit about how my husband and I landed in Arizona, click over to part one of the wedding I shot near Phoenix to read about it. (And here is part two in case you got hooked.)

I’m going to somewhat backtrack to the day we flew into Phoenix. It was a sad day leaving our sweet eight-month-old boy at home with my parents. I think we Facetimed him like three times before we even touched down in Arizona. My heart was sad, but an adventure is what Brandon and I have needed for quite sometime. We still dream of adventure and traveling. We love wheeling our suitcases through long airports and people watching. I love people watching…and hearing all the different languages flying around. It’s beautiful chaos. It’s the butterfly feeling of going to somewhere unseen–breathing new air, photographing different terrain and meeting new people.

We flew into Salt Lake City, Utah. I love Utah! I remember traveling through there as a kid, and it was so unearthly and so unique in its beauty. I was excited for Brandon to see a little of it. (Even though I claimed the window seat.) We flew into a snow storm. Yep, a snow storm. It was blowing like crazy as I stared out the windows of the airport eating my gyro as fast as I could, so not to miss our next flight. As soon as we were about to take off, the storm passed, and it was a blue sky. Crazy.




So we went from a snow storm to landing in 85 degree, dry weather in the desert in Arizona. The giant, tall palm trees greeted my heart. I love palm trees–especially the ones that are crazy tall.

I nearly had a heart attack when I discovered (while surfing the web on the airplane’s WiFi) that there were In & Out Burger joints in Phoenix. Oh, it’s been almost 10 years since I had In & Out, y’all–when I lived in Cali! when I was seventeen! Oh, sweet Jesus! It’s an emotional experience for me. It brings back my teen days and late night runs with my best friends. Anyways… we found one and ate there within the first three hours of landing. We topped it off with a fabulous latte from one of the best in Gilbert, AZ–Liberty Market.



That evening, we hung out and had a dance party with the bride, groom and their families. By the time we left, we had almost stayed up a full twenty four hours. Crazy.

The next day we moseyed around town, eating at a yummy Mexican place and spending time together. Before we left for Arizona, I found a picture online of a chapel in the middle of the desert that I really wanted to visit. It was a museum for the set where the old Elvis Presley movie “Charro” was filmed.  It just so happen to be ten minutes from the venue where my wedding was the next day. Brandon took me. It was fabulous…like something you would see out of an old movie. (wink wink) 😉

IMG_5087 IMG_5092 IMG_5106 IMG_5118 IMG_5102

Let me chat with you about cacti for a moment. These things are legit. The end.


Brandon and I spent some time scoping out a place to shoot the bride, groom and bridal party the next day. We were okay with this location above. 😉

So we spent Saturday shooting Jim and Stacey’s wedding, and it was a dream. Check out the blog posts about it. 

Jim so graciously let us borrow his car and drive it two hours away to Sedona, Arizona. Brandon and I set off to celebrate seven years of sweet marriage. And life has changed a lot the last year, so experiencing all we have experienced the last year and now finding ourselves, well, all by ourselves, was odd…yet it didn’t feel all that different. We missed Laef, and we actually didn’t talk about him non-stop like we thought we would. We did Facetime a few times a day, and I spent a lot of time checking in on his baby monotor, watching him play and sleep.

So we set out and drove through deserts. I was overtaken by all the cacti waving “Hi guys!” at us as we drove up mountains and climbed higher and higher.

IMG_8144 IMG_8146 IMG_8153

Brandon and I really had no idea what to expect of Sedona. We had Googled images of the place, and it was breathtaking and beautiful, but seriously…how can you imagine red rocks and staying in a magical bed and breakfast? We drove and drove, through nothing, through deserts, through canyons, through flat land. We turned a corner and up ahead we saw a glimpse of what we were about to experience.


So yes, we arrived. This was the view from our bed and breakfast. A Sunset Chateau (Please check out their lovely inn). A-MAZING! This place was a haven for encounter. Set up to be that. We knew that the owners were Christians, we knew that they had spent some time at a church in Redding, CA that we love. They did not know us, or know anything about us. We walked in the door and was greeted by one of the owners, Janet. We chatted briefly with her and asked how long they had been running their inn. She spoke openly about “God leading them there several years ago.” We smiled and asked her about their time in Redding, CA. She was stunned we knew and immediately it opened our hearts up to talk about the faithfulness of the Lord in all our lives. We had to get going due to booking a Jeep tour, but she wanted us to come to their house and hang out with them at some point.

IMG_8634 IMG_8181 IMG_8180

Brandon was excited! Can you tell? Below is our sweet Chateau, room 14. Gorgeous! Janet (the innkeeper) decorated all 23 of their fabulous rooms.

IMG_8182 IMG_8184 IMG_8188 IMG_8189

So this was the next adventure, a Jeep tour, and this was our Jeep.

IMG_8193 IMG_8197 IMG_8209

The Jeep took us up rocky back roads, up to a beautiful view of Sedona’s red rocks. My hair flew in the wind and I held my camera tightly while thanking God for my seat belt. I was flying up and down in the back of that Jeep on these crazy bumpy dirt roads. We watched the sun set and cast its golden light on the majestic rocks. It was breathtaking. So breathtaking.

IMG_8239 IMG_8246 IMG_8253 IMG_8269 IMG_8277 IMG_8278 IMG_8282 IMG_8295 IMG_8310 IMG_8319 IMG_8331 IMG_8336 IMG_8341 IMG_8346 IMG_8349 IMG_8354 IMG_8360

Brandon and I hit up the hot tub that night, and watched the stars glisten. We always make anniversary resolutions. Our whole trip up to that point had been so perfect, so sweet…like a gentle kiss from Jesus. Everywhere we went, we met someone who encouraged us. We sat in a lot of silence in the hot tub trying to process the preceding four days, which had flown so quickly by. We had seen so much already.

We had a Domino’s Pizza delivered the room and watched a few minutes of Duck Dynasty. Romantic, huh?

Our sweet friends, Janet, Philippe, and their son, Jean Buillet, run a gorgeous, upscale, excellent inn. Sedona is a place for a lot of New Age activity. It’s a place where people go to find an encounter.  A Sunset Chateau was miraculously “given” to the Buillets after a word from the Lord that He would give them an inn and it would be a city on a hill, a lighthouse to Sedona. It would be a place of encounter. The inn, which was once a New Age retreat center, was now a gorgeous bed and breakfast at the top of a hill overlooking Sedona. They have spent ten years there and they have story after story of Jesus encountering their guests with His love. People who don’t sleep well sleep incredibly well at their inn. We sat and talked to Philippe at breakfast for over an hour. He invited us to their house that evening after we got back from the Grand Canyon.


Above was one of our fabulous breakfasts. We chatted with this little person too…



I had to post this photo above, because I was so far from home and it made me so happy to see a sign that pointed me to LA. sigh.

So we drove to the Grand Canyon. I had little expectation. I thought we would drive there, peek over the edge, take 500 photos, and go woo-hoo. Nope. Our drive there was beautiful, breathtaking. At one point we pulled over in a field and it was quiet. Nothing. There were hardly any cars…just Brandon and me and this scenery. It was perfect.

IMG_8419 IMG_8453 IMG_8431 IMG_8442 IMG_8445

Getting into the Grand Canyon took time. There were lines of cars, license plates from every state. We pulled up next to a Carolinian, I rolled my window down and said “WE ARE FROM THE CAROLINA’S TOO!” It took them three weeks to get out there.

As we drew closer, I wanted to be surprised. I didn’t want to catch quick glimpses of it before the big reveal…I wanted to open my eyes and see one of the top wonders of the world. And it was oh so wonderful. Your mind can’t imagine it. There are layers and layers of color and rock. In some areas, it is 18 miles across. My brain exploded after only about the third overlook.

IMG_8484 IMG_8492

IMG_8477 IMG_8501 IMG_8506 IMG_8510 IMG_8520 IMG_8528 IMG_8533 IMG_8540 IMG_8544

*below is an iPhone photo


We dangled our feet over the edge and toasted to seven years–seven years full of beauty, seven years full of romance, seven years full of the Lord’s sweet kiss over our life. I never would have dreamed that I would be dangling my feet over the Grand Canyon a week before my seventh wedding anniversary. I have a son, and that is crazy. So much happened in our seventh year. What a dream!

*Below is an iPhone photo.

IMG_0196 IMG_8551 IMG_8553 IMG_8554 IMG_8558 IMG_8561 IMG_8562

IMG_1796 IMG_1795

*Below- Yep…. Loooooong arms.

IMG_1793 IMG_1778 IMG_1739 IMG_1733


Ok, so here is the part I’ve been waiting to share. We are driving away from the canyon on an Indian reservation, full moon…

Push play on this video and let it play….


 …and you can see the rim of the canyon on the left…


…and on the right…


At that point a worship song came on in the car with the words “…because your love is so much sweeter, than anything I’ve tasted, I want to know your heart…” and I started sobbing. I felt Jesus kiss my soul. I don’t know how to describe the emotions of this trip, because it has been a month ago, and so much has happened. But I can say that this was the sweetest moment of all the moments I’ve experienced in a long time. Just last month, I celebrated my best friend adopting a baby (we drove to FL and threw her a shower), my Grandmother died a week before this trip, (I had to experience her funeral, and watch my Grandpa go through the loss of his wife of 58.5 years), I’ve flown to the deserts to work and to celebrate my marriage… and here I am passing the Grand Canyon and these mountains and through it all, His love has ravished my heart, it’s taken me over, and I’m undone. Again. I just couldn’t take it. It was was like a gorgeous painting just for me.


Sweet conversations all the way home. Brandon chatted about his passion for the Lord and how his heart longed to be used by the Lord again. That was sweet, oh so sweet.

We made it to Janet and Philippe’s home and stayed up late by the fire talking to this amazing family about our journey with the Lord. They told us their story. It was all so perfect. I remembered that I had had a dream a month or so before this that I was watching a video of their home and we were all sitting around their fire place. So crazy.

This is them below.


After breakfast that morning we all gathered around a table and prayed for one another. Sigh.

I took some photos of the Inn for you all to see. Coffee, views and a hot tub. yes.


A Sunset Chateau


We ended our time at the Crescent Moon Park in Sedona, where we hiked almost to the top.


Goodbye, Sedona! :(

Driving back to Phoenix…

IMG_8668IMG_8676IMG_8689IMG_8696IMG_8703Arizona Moon Cactus

We stayed with our new friend, Leslea. She took us to dinner and we got to know her. She is a beautiful soul. (Read my blog post from the wedding!)


And so after a week away, we flew home…


And we were so happy to see this beautiful boy…



So to tie it all up, wow…. just wow. So much beauty in a week! So many beautiful things done in our hearts! So many emotions in March! It was March Madness. There’s so much I wish I would have journaled a month ago. It was a dance of emotions throughout the last month. I haven’t shared my blog post about my Grandmother yet… Trying to decide. It’s very special to my soul. March was very intimate, very special, very rare and very beautiful. Bitter and sweet.

Thanks for reading. 😉

A Bed and Breakfast Baby Shower.


March has seriously been insane. Brandon and I were gone almost every weekend, traveling. The weekend I’m sharing now is just one of the many trips I took in March. I feel like this month has seriously been one of the most amazing–yet emotional–months for me since I’ve had Laef. The next five weeks or so, I’ll be blogging a lot about March. Baby showers in Florida, funerals in Georgia, weddings and our anniversary in Arizona, an incredible moment toasting to seven years of marriage over the Grand Canyon, our sun setting over lady Sedona’s red rocks, chatting and talking about the Lord by a fire with an inn keeper family,  being so overtaken by the Lord’s love while staring at snow capped mountains in the middle of Indian Reservation, deserts with the edge of the Grand Canyon beside me…oh man! So, so much…and I’m not kidding. lol.

The Lord has been extremely present to me this month. And it’s almost so much that I feel overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I wish I could say, or even emotions I wish I could remember. I believe that they would have been scripted beautifully on my glassy computer screen if I had only had a moment to jot down the emotional chemistry I felt with the nature created by Jesus. But maybe I can redeem those moments with my words. We will see. Hopefully I can relive some of those tears by letting my soul out through my keyboard.

So here goes week one of March.

The first weekend of March, our family ventured down to Jacksonville, Florida to celebrate something amazing. My best friend, Sharon, and her husband, Ferrill, are adopting a baby boy in just a few short weeks. (Read her story here.) His name is Isaac and I’m over the moon excited for them! Sharon has been so much to my heart throughout the last 4 years. We have cried together about the crazy roller coaster of life. Through disappointments, pain, beauty, hopelessness, depression, thankfulness, hope, and now Baby Gallaway, we have followed each other’s hearts down the cliffs of life and down the passageways of the soul. I’m so thankful to have a friend who knows me so well. It was only the kindness of the Lord to bring her into my life.

So as a baby shower gift and also an opportunity to encourage and celebrate Sharon as a new mom. Three of her friends and I rented a bed and breakfast in Saint Augustine, FL. It is actually one of the oldest bed and breakfast inns in the nation. It was so incredibly lovely. Sigh. I get warm and fuzzy thinking about us pulling into the gravel parking lot with the Spanish moss blowing above our heads in the wind. We walked into this lovely old home trying to not act like we were fifteen.  We got a cottage that sleeps six people. We spent time cooking dinner, sipping coffee and sweet tea while laughing so much among the purple flowers, fish ponds, Spanish moss, and bamboo plants on the back patio. We walked the streets of Saint Augustine in the evening hours, buying chocolate and popsicles from one of my favorite places in Saint Augustine (The Hyppo) feeling the ocean breeze and talking about the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord in our lives individually. We stayed up into the early morning hours chatting like high school girls and painting our toenails while watching “Say Yes to the Dress.” It was so good for my soul.

The next morning we had a wonderful breakfast with fresh latte’s. We then gave Sharon our gifts for baby Isaac. We prayed, cried together and blessed her on this beautiful road ahead of her, thanking the Lord for even the difficult process of it all. His timing is so perfect.

To top the day off we rode bikes around Saint Augustine and let the wind carry us along the cobblestone streets past small, old cottages with blooming bushes. We had lunch and shopped at the little shops along the ocean bay.

It was an absolutely incredible and relaxing, yet emotional weekend. (I lost my Grandmother the next day. Crazy! I hope to blog about this as well.)

I took a few photos to share with you all. Just some fun moments we all shared together. I also included photos of Baby Isaac’s room. I love it.

Please keep Sharon and Ferrill in your prayers the next few weeks. Hoping this adoption process will go smooth and amazing! Hopefully I’ll be blogging photos of Isaac very soon! eeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

Enjoy 😉

St Augustine St Francis Inn

St Augustine St Francis Inn

st augu2 st augu

IMG_0052 IMG_0029 IMG_0010 st augu1 IMG_0035 IMG_0038 st augu9 st augu10

IMG_0113 IMG_0150 IMG_0110 IMG_0117 st augu3 st augu11 IMG_0123 IMG_0144 IMG_0149 IMG_0119 st augu4 IMG_0162 IMG_0160 IMG_0169 IMG_0168 IMG_0170 IMG_0177 IMG_0182 IMG_0184 IMG_0189 BabyGallaway01 st augu5 st augu8 st augu7 st augu6

Wanna see my past trips to St Augustine?

Five Year Anniversary.

Six Year Anniversary.

David Graston’s 1st Birthday!

Graston party12

Rebecca and Jesse were our neighbors for years and years. We had the best snowball fights in the winter, pumpkin carving in the fall, fireworks in the summer and hiking in the spring. Late nights spent doing pranks on our other neighbors, taking long walks around our neighborhood and laughing for hours. We love the Graston’s. Last year they moved a little ways away, to a beautiful farm. They had their first baby and we still miss them living a few doors down. Every now and then we go out to “Grastonia”… shoot guns, go four wheeling, badminton, bbq, and swing on the hammock listening to the peacefulness of farm life.

Their beautiful boy, David turned one this month. I took some photos of this fabulous day! Enjoy! ;D

Happy Birthday David!

Collage Graston1

David Graston1

David Graston2


Graston party5

Graston party6

Graston party7

Graston party8

Graston party9

Graston party10

Graston party11

Graston party12


nicole & goddard

Laef & Rebekah

Huff boys

lovely lady