Matthew & Emily’s Engagement


We might have picked the coldest night of fall to shoot, but it was also peak fall weekend, and the leaves were wondrous. Matthew and Emily are getting married at the Filmore in the Music Factory this fall, and I’m so thrilled to be their photographer.

Enjoy these two, they were so wonderful to work with. ;)

16Matthew&Emily11.14.14 07Matthew&Emily11.14.14 19Matthew&Emily11.14.14 22Matthew&Emily11.14.14 10Matthew&Emily11.14.14

23Matthew&Emily11.14.14 29Matthew&Emily11.14.14 26Matthew&Emily11.14.14 30Matthew&Emily11.14.14 53Matthew&Emily11.14.14 65Matthew&Emily11.14.14 67Matthew&Emily11.14.14 59Matthew&Emily11.14.14 74Matthew&Emily11.14.14 34Matthew&Emily11.14.14 80Matthew&Emily11.14.14 81Matthew&Emily11.14.14 84Matthew&Emily11.14.14 89Matthew&Emily11.14.14 90Matthew&Emily11.14.14 93Matthew&Emily11.14.14 94Matthew&Emily11.14.14 96Matthew&Emily11.14.14 Charlotte Music Factory Fillmore Engagement

Holiday Season Mini Sessions!


Announcing Family Holiday Mini-Sessions!

For $250 you will receive:

  • A thirty-minute family, couple or portrait session in the South Carolina peach orchards in Fort Mill
  • Ten high-resolution edited images. (Additional images are also available for purchase.)
  • An online gallery for viewing/sharing, album and print orders.

For the best fall colors in the orchards, I recommend scheduling your mini session the first three weeks of November.

(Up to six people per family. $25 per additional person.)

If you wish to have a longer family session please visit here for prices.

Please contact [email protected] or 704-778-1940 for more details or to schedule your session.


Fall IMG_7368 IMG_7057

South Carolina peach orchards


howerton6 144Esther&Randy11.13.12

South Carolina peach orchards




133Esther&Randy11.13.12 124JosiahNicole11.11.12 114DrewEA11.12.11 104HowertonFamily11.2.13 100GriffinFamily10.20.13 81HoenigFamily11.4.13

93HowertonFamily11.2.13 45Nefffamily11.24.13 45HoenigFamily11.4.13 74HowertonFamily11.2.13


South Carolina peach orchards 33Colleen9.13.13


57HowertonFamily11.2.13 Kyle&Leah9.7.13126 15Gatlynfamily12.1.13 39Rivers12.26.13 72GericsFamily12.26.13 03GericsFamily12.26.13 IMG_6009

Kevin and Lindsay’s Wedding Weekend, Part 1


So, where do I start? Wow! I mean… look above… yep.

I met Lindsay about 5 years ago. She was one of the managers that I worked with at Anthropologie. Never would I have dreamed that years later I would be shooting her magical weekend at “The Inn at Palmetto Bluff.” When she wrote me and told me that they wanted to book me, I was extremely excited. We all sat down and Skyped together. (They live in Seattle, but are real-life Carolinians.) I immediately knew this weekend would be so incredible.

Their story in a nut shell is that Lindsay caught Kevin’s eye when she was working at a deli that he went to every day across the street from his work. He finally got the nerve to ask her out… and the rest is pretty much sweetness.

So to start the weekend off right, I showed up at the venue that they had booked (The Inn at Palmetto Bluff) and my assistant and I pretty much drove around with our jaws dropped. UN-FREAKIN-REAL! So, so so magical.

Back in the winter, Lindsay and Kevin planned a trip to Charlotte where I was supposed to do an engagement session. Well… their time was limited and they ended up not being able to do it. Thankfully, it worked out so that I could take a few portraits of them after their rehearsal leading up to their rehearsal dinner.

Their outfits were to die for, their smiles and laughs made this short session a breeze… oh, and the trees… goodness.

Their rehearsal dinner was also on the property of their venue, and they had a super fun, sassy southern dinner. Completely different than their wedding day.

So, here is the first part of an incredible weekend. Enjoy!

IMG_2175 IMG_2036 IMG_2065 rehearsal collage1 IMG_2117 IMG_2167

Kevin and Lindsay's Wedding at The Inn at Palmetto Bluff IMG_2191 IMG_2353 IMG_2391 IMG_2395 IMG_2407 rehearsal collage9 IMG_2421 rehearsal collage8 IMG_2441A IMG_2463

IMG_2526 IMG_2503 rehearsal collage2 rehearsal collage3 IMG_2255 IMG_2240 IMG_2234 IMG_2225 IMG_2269 IMG_2285 IMG_2307 IMG_2313 IMG_2287 rehearsal collage4 IMG_2328

IMG_2297A IMG_2332 IMG_2294 IMG_2311 rehearsal collage5 IMG_2480 IMG_2482 IMG_2490 IMG_2493

rehearsal collage6 IMG_2510 IMG_2507 IMG_2533 IMG_2528

Wanna see their wedding day, part 2? – Click here