How can I put into words what last week felt like for me? I’ll try to make this short and sweet due to the fact that I have a feeling a whole lot of people are going to look at these photos.

Sharon and I have been best friends for years now. She is my closest, closest friend and she means the world to me. Sharon has a blog that tells a lot of the story of what she and her husband have been walking through for the last few years.

Sharon and Ferrill started their adoption process and have walked through a lot with it. They were matched in December with a boy that was due in April. In March, I journeyed down to Florida to throw her a baby shower. (Read here.)

In April, the adoption fell through with the mother of the child keeping the baby. It was an emotional time for all of us, mostly for them of course.

A week ago today, my day started out blah. I drove up to Chick-fil-A to get some food. While in the drive through line, Sharon calls me. I answer… “Hey…. (bored voice) Whats up?”  Sharon said… “Well….” quietly and then her voice raised to an excited tone and she said “I’m going to go pick up a baby!” I started sobbing.

You can read Sharon’s entire story here. It’s much better than I could ever tell. Within three hours, Sharon and Ferrill made their way to the adoption agency and picked up their sweet baby girl.

The photo below is sort of the timeline. Picture #1 is them about to leave to go get her. And I was on pins and needles for an hour until I got picture #2, at which point I crying non-stop. And then after another hour I texted her with a smiley face (pretty much a hint, saying… picture please!) and she sends me picture #3. A few hours later, my best friend, now a mom, Facetimes me with her little girl in her arms (picture #4).


I left Friday afternoon and spent the weekend with this sweet family. When I arrived, I walked in the house and Sharon walked around the corner holding her bundle of joy. We said nothing–just cried a little and basked in the goodness. Sharon is mom, and she is a beautiful mom.

It was an honor to feel all the new emotions of love for baby Finley Elizabeth. That very first picture I posted is the moment I choked up. I’m so proud of Sharon for walking through everything she has gone through and now the Lord’s faithfulness to her and Ferrill is shining through beautiful baby Finley. She is worth the wait.

So here are a few favorite photos I took of the Gallaway’s new family…. <3

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