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I have been dying to share this with the world!!! FINALLY!

Sharon is my closest friend. I feel like we have probably spent two or three years on the phone together if you add up our conversations. Living six hours away isn’t horrible, but she used to be my neighbor, seriously like seven doors down. (We actually weren’t really friend back then… long story) Sharon and her husband, Ferrill are youth pastors in Florida. They have always felt strongly about adopting and have finally come to the place where all the stones are falling into place.

They began and completed their paperwork (35 pages, background checks, doctors appointments and interviews).  They were told that the next phase of adoption usually takes about four months. They were stunned when they received a phone call four days later from the agency. The agency had a few moms who were wanting to see their profile and they needed to get it in immediately. (Ferrill and Sharon are one of a few couples that put no limitations on race or gender) Their home study is complete and they are waiting to be matched. They are currently raising funds to bring home a baby. 😉 They are adopting out of Jacksonville, FL. The agency is certain that they can place a baby in their home by the end of the year.  Ferrill and Sharon need $25,000 to get a beautiful baby. And half of it is due immediately when they are matched.

Yes, I guess I am going to throw this shout out… maybe to the wind but maybe not.  If any of you read this and want to help out…. hey… its worth a shot. 😉 I am so excited for my friends! Being a parent is an incredible gift!

They stopped in for a few days at the beginning of August to spend some time with our new baby. I did a small photo shoot for them to help out with putting together their profile. I litterly took fifteen minutes behind my house and shot some photos of them. I love this couple so much. And I’m overjoyed at the beauty that they are taking on.


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If you want to help them…

Make a check out to:

New Life (with the “New Life Ministerial Adoption Fund” in the memo)

Mail to: 2701 Hodges Blvd Jacksonville, FL 32224

Or you can give directly online at and click on giving. At the bottom under “Other Designation” type in “New Life Ministerial Adoption Fund” and the amount you would like to give.

Thanks for reading! <3