Summer party!

This past weekend was an incredibly crazy time for Brandon and me. On Saturday, I (with two second shooters help) shot a beautiful wedding (which I can’t wait to blog!) at just about 34 weeks pregnant. (Shy one day) 😉 My husband snapped this photo of me below. For a brief moment I had to flip off the shoes…

Pregnant and barefoot

photobooth fun

On Sunday, my best friend, Sharon came from Florida and threw me a baby shower with the help of so many of my family and friends. Oh my goodness! Our dear friends, The Webbs, allowed us to have it in their gorgeous back yard. When I pulled in and saw all the little details and all the food, I squealed! There were drink canisters filled with summer yummy drinks, mason jars with stripped straws, fruit kabobs, caprese sticks, cheese and crackers, fresh salsa, dips and chips, popsicles, chocolate cake pops, rice crispy treats on a stick, cheesecakes….etc.  Forty-ish of my closest friends showed up and made it such an incredibly special time for Brandon, Laef and me. So many gifts!!! I am still floored by all the love that was shown to us. So many handmade gifts for Laef’s room, handsome outfits for my little man, necessities, and sweet cards.

Monday morning, I sat in my living room and cried for about an hour feeling so loved by so many. Even friends that live in Texas, Colorado, California, Missouri, Iowa, Georgia, Ohio and Kansas showed their love and pitched in to buy me an expensive gift. Oh, man! I tear up thinking about it all. So many amazing friends and family….Thank you all!!!

I do want to give a shout out to a few people who did all the work in making this whole thing so beautiful…  Jessica & Samuel Gatlyn, Glenn & Annette Webb, Mom & Dad, Nicole & Josiah Carroll, Alisha & Jacob Woodfin, and most of all, Sharon Gallaway, who spent months planning and gathering ideas, drove from Florida, spent money, prepped food, sweat her butt off setting up and tearing down, buying Laef goodies, and for being my closest dearest friend. <3 you, Sharon!

I wish I would have taken a ton more photos…. but there is a part of life where you have to sit back and enjoy the moment! So here are a few detail photos and fun photos from the day! Enjoy!

Baby Shower invite 1

*Sharon made the outside of these cards, and my sister in law, Jessica, did the inside and stitched the invite to the card. She also hand wrote all the addresses.

Baby shower invite2

baby shower signs*Jessica made the chalk board sign above and Sharon made the burlap banners. ahhh!!

Brandon and I Baby Shower

Sharon & I *Above is Sharon Gallaway and me <3Drinks Baby shower

Food table

Fruit collage

Food table collage


details of baby shower




Pool fun

Beka bump 1

I’m 34 weeks pregnant and feeling pretty great! I’m sore here and there, trying to sleep in until nine every day, and relax as much as I can!

Laef Owen will be coming soon!

PS: I’ll be posting a blog soon of his little voyage, viking, world traveler, eclectic nursery. As well as some of the little handmade things my friends made Laef ;D

This is a pic I took at 29 weeks….

29 weeks