I love him. I love her.

Back in November I went with my brother and sister in law to get matching tattoos. (Sorry its taken me forever to share these) It was a pretty interesting experience considering I don’t have any tattoos and really haven’t spent much time around the culture of it. I love what they picked, its very “Sam & Jess.” I documented a few photos from it and my brother who is a videographer documented a video. You can also visit Jess’ blog to hear her story about the tattoos. The artist for their tattoo’s is Mara from Neither Snow. They went to “Ace Custom Tattoo’s” in Charlotte, NC and Chris Stuart did their ink.

Here are some photos for fun… ;D   Jess 1


tattoo sample1

Jessica tattooed 3

ink pen

tattoo sample2

smeared tattoo

Samuel smiles

big smiles

oh the pain

smiling Samuel

tattoo samuel

Here is the video my brother did to document their experience. (You really should watch.) 😉