Six Years

A wonderful six years it has been of being married! I won’t go into all of the great details of married life…if you care to hear it all over again, you can click here. I think anyone that knows me well enough knows how much I adore spending time with my husband. And I have nothing but good things to say about married life. Celebrating this year was a bit different for us considering I’m a human incubator and I have sweet Baby Finch (what I like to call him) growing inside of me. (I’ll update you and talk more about this in a bit.)

So yes, 6 years ago……

Wedding 1

Wedding 2

Wedding 3

A few weeks back, we went away to celebrate our anniversary by doing what we did last year–visiting Florida and spending time with my best friend and her husband. We spent a day in Saint Augustine, Amelia Island, and just good ‘ole Jacksonville. (See last year here)

*On our way….

We spent our first evening there going to see The Hunger Games (no haters please,) which I loved. First morning there, we got up and went down to a lovely cafe on the water where we sipped coconut lattes and laughed together.

lillies coffee

Spent some time on the beach…..

Brandon beach

dipped our toes in….. brrrrrr…..

B&B beach


We then set out to Amelia Island, where we drove along the coast blaring Michael Jackson and letting the breeze make our hair beautiful. We spent time walking the city, looking in antique shops, eating fabulous Mexican food and hanging with our friends. <3

sharon & i

amelia island

brandon & sharon

That evening our friends cooked us the most amazing venison meal I have ever had. Wow! A poor little Bambi that Ferrill killed…. he was yummy.

We ventured to the Winn Dixie to pick up Ice Cream and stumbled upon this…..


Let’s just say our ice cream run took an hour or so, complete with a Ferris Wheel ride. (It was my first carnival ever!) So amazing.

We got rained out the next day but spent time shopping and sipping coffee while watching The Office together. ;D

sharon & I glasses

Sunday was Brandon and my day together…. Saint Augustine. sigh. Mossy trees, cobble stone streets, street musicians, sail boats, yummy food, carriages, horses, sweet shops that make me fall in love…..

st augustine2

This is one of my favorite Italian places there….

Italian food

Brandon smiles

st augustine doors

pink house




So we found this coffee shop….. ummm… can we say amazing!?

Coffee shop

coffee house list

Drink mirror

street performer

Brandon cutie

6 years photo

kissing on the docks


me yep

When I go to Saint Augustine, I never want to leave. ah!

That evening we spent time watching the sunset on the beach, eating pizza. ;D

beach sunset

Beach love

So yes, a fabulous trip…… <3

The weekend before (I have to tell!) the son of some of our closest family friends got married, which was pretty much epic for me. I’ve known Jamie for 12 years and have been super close with his sisters. (They were in my wedding.)

I always shoot weddings, so to get to attend and dance and eat and be “normal” was quite the treat.

Rachel walking in

Jamie & Rachel

Rachel & Jamie2

Bug leaving

It was one of the happiest weekends for my heart…to spend time with friends. (Two of them (below) live in Kansas City and one lives in Argentina.) The Webb family is seriously my second family and some of my closest friends. Love them.

Webb ladies

My Molly. <3

Molls & I

Lilly, Ashley, Jessica, Molly and me…

Webb girls and I

beautiful front camera iPhone photos always win! (The hot blonde is my mom.)



Jami & Rachel's wedding


So, an update on me…. well… I’m 26 weeks pregnant today. I work out a few times a week, growing bigger and bigger. My belly button is trying to poke it’s face out. (Time for some tape!)  It’s definitely taking time for me to be secure in the fact my body is looking completely different than what I’m used to. It has been the biggest struggle for me to see “pregnancy” as a whole as a beautiful thing. (Not the baby part… the outward part.) My sweet son kicks me often and makes me smile. And seeing my belly pop up and down is pure joy. I’m not going to lie when I say it’s hard to “feel” excited in the unknown. Although we are excited, it’s definitely scary. My husband has been an amazing encouragement and is very proud of me. I’m hoping in the next three months to be able to snap into the confidence to share more about my pregnancy. It’s going fast. (Thank God!) I feel great! I’m still shooting weddings and working often. The baby room isn’t coming together yet… lol…. not gonna lie. Oh well, I have time. 😉

We are planning on naming our son “Laef Owen Fancher.” “Laef” (pronounced Layf) means “heir” and “beloved.” Another form of it is “Leif,” as in “Leif Ericson,” the great explorer. “Owen” means “well born,” “born of nobility,” or “noble.” <3

I’m having to take from June to maybe Octoberish off from weddings. It’s bittersweet turning people down, especially when it’s what I love doing. So I’m sorry I haven’t blogged a ton of non-personal stuff yet. I have a few weddings I’m hoping to blog about here in the next few weeks.

Thanks for looking and reading! <3