Green no more! My bedroom is a sweet haven now.

So, if you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll remember that I had a crayon box house. Red, yellow, and now green…. omg… i wished it all away, and it worked. ;D

You can click on these links to see my rooms I’ve repainted and somewhat redecorated. (Yellow no more…) & (Red no more…)

So today, I want to share with you my bedroom. It was green, and brown. And actually it wasn’t as bad as the other rooms I’ve redone. But after drooling over Anthropologie and Pintrest I was wanting to redo it with something light and romantic yet, I wanted some rustic in there. I still have so many more things I really want to add. But this is the start to something….

So here is before… :p

Green bedroom1

Green bedroom2

Notice the dresser please…

Green bedroom3

You wanna see the new improved room??



Cloudy Gray Sherwin Williams paint.

Gray bedroom1

Curtains from Ikea. cheap, cheap! ;D

My bedspread is from Anthropologie.  (yes, you can be jealous)

Gray bedroom2

My wonderful husband and I sanded and repainted that dresser, added fabulous Anthropologie knobs. Didn’t it turn out great? (We swear we will never redo furniture ever again.)

The old windows above the dresser: Me and my friend Shelley were driving through a small town near Asheville and we saw them for sale on the side of the road. $10 each.

Gray bedroom3

My old windows above my bed, a friend of mine gave me from a torn down house.

Gray bedroom4

Fabulous prints of my hubby and I, by my friend Shelley Paulson.

The old school desk, is probably going to end up somewhere else. I want to put this Ikea Chaise in that corner, once I save up the money for it.

Gray bedroom5

Dried flowers in Wine bottles, Ikea metal and white vases, Value village vases, and the lantern is from the Sleepy poet.

Gray bedroom6

My yellow bench is a gift from my girlfriend Tara Mauldin. <3

Gray bedroom7And Miles.. well… he just looks good anywhere he sits.

Miles baby

We are hoping to get REAL overhead lighting at some point.

I also bought this door knob from Anthropologie that I’m waiting to put up. I need some special parts for it, and we have to order it..

Anthropologie doorknob

I hope you likey!! ;D

I do!