Andrew and Daphne’s Wedding at Freedom Park

Daphne and Andrew’s wedding took place at the end of August at Freedom Park in Charlotte, NC.  The Ceremony and Reception took place on the parks island under lovely willow trees, very breezy (effects from Hurricane Irene) and blue sky. It was gorgeous. Really great.  If you haven’t already seen Daphne & Andrew’s engagement session – check it out here. Daphne and Andrew have such great taste. All their details were handmade and so romantic. The smallest things made the biggest difference in decorating. Simple and romantic. I loved, loved, loved shooting their day.

Daphne pretty much has the best facial expressions when she is happy and excited. I loved it. She was/is a beautiful bride. (Her dress is an Allure if anyone is interested)

Andrew and Daphne are leaving in a few weeks to move to Korea to teach English. They will be missed. :( Great adventures await them on their new married life together.

Thank you Anna Hollingsworth for being a great 2nd shooter.

Thank you  Daphne and Andrew for letting me a part of of your day, I have enjoyed getting to know you both, and its been great to work with you guys! Congrats!!!

I hope you enjoy these photos!

Freedom park bridge



Daphne woods


*Anna’s photo (above)

details- hat and flowers

B&w collage D&A

*Anna’s photo (above Left)


*aren’t her Bridesmaid dresses ammmmaaazing?

groomsmen + andrew

daphne Veil

Dad and Daphne

*Above- You can see that people stopped in the park to watch the ceremony… I love that!

Anna's photo- daph and dad

*Anna’s photo (above)

Andrew & Daphne

Daphne smiles at Andrew

Hot day

daphne peeks

Eyes peaking out Daphne & Andrew


TVF ceremony


under the willow at freedom park

Mr and Mrs


bridal party

willow tree Daphne and Andrew

willow tree Daphne and Andrew2

willow tree Daphne and Andrew3

willow tree Daphne and Andrew4

willow tree Daphne and AndrewTVF

Venue Freedom Park

*this is where the food and dancing took place

Reception entrance- Freedom Park Island

food details collage

details collage2

details collage3

*Anna’s photo (above- Willow branches)

asian kids in tree

*During the reception, I had to break away and capture this amazingness in the trees…hahaha!!

kisses Andrew & Daphne

dancing Andrew & Daphne

dancing Andrew & Daphne2

dancing Andrew & Daphne4

dancing Andrew & Daphne5

*I have to say, best lighting I’ve ever had at a wedding…. so so yummy.

dancing Andrew & Daphne6

dancing Andrew & Daphne 7

dancing Andrew & Daphne 9

dancing Andrew & Daphne shoes

dancing Andrew & Daphne 10

miquel dancing


daphne's mom

daphne and fan

dancing crazy

*Daphne and I <3

big tree


andrew playin bass

*Yah, thats Andrew on the bass. He totally tore it up for like 15 minutes. He plays in a band here in Charlotte.

bass and kisses

*one of my favs (above)

daphne and Andrew bridge

daphne and Andrew bridge film

*I took this with my film camera. (above)

daphne and Andrew bridge

daphne and Andrew bridge

daphne and Andrew flowers

daphne and Andrew leaving

daphne and Andrew leaving2


yeeeeah! Congrats!!