5 Years

Marriage is so amazing. I can’t imagine life without my husband, Brandon. This past weekend we got to get away and celebrate 5 years of glorious marriage. I am so blessed to be able to feel the way I feel about my husband. He is the kindest man and my closest most dear friend. We have so much fun just being together. The negative emotion toward marriage in my generation is very discouraging and very hard to swallow at times. But for me I am blessed to be able to say that its all been so great and so right.

Wedding 2

Wedding 1

Wedding 3

*Photography by Ken Beebe- Kugler Studios

We decided to spend a long weekend in Jacksonville, FL visiting our close friends (Who I lived with in Kansas City for 9 months) Sharon and Ferrill Gallaway. They recently moved from Kansas City to become youth pastors at a great church. I’m so happy that my lovely Sharon is so much closer then Kansas city. 6.5 hours is nothing compared to 15 hours. We left Thursday evening and had an excellent road trip down to Jacksonville. We arrived late and slept amazing. Friday morning the Gallaway’s graced us with breakfast and we took some time to visit their outdoor mall and hang out together, catching up on life. We made a fantastic Indian dinner and ended the day with marble slab. 😉

Sharon and I

I went around their neighborhood and found some cool things I loved… 😉

neighborhood and stuff

Saturday was our actual anniversary day. April 2nd. This day will go down as one of my most favorite days. Probably the best in about 4 years. We went to Saint Augustine with Ferrill and Sharon. Oh my gosh! I was in heaven. Its so, so lovely down there. Weeping mossy trees, wedding bells ringing, potted flowered plants in window seals, old brick, and gorgeous textures on rustic houses. I was freaking out. We walked the streets and I felt like I was in heaven.

kissing B

Sharon took this photo of us right on the river front.

st aug collage1

old house

old houses

sharon amazing

Beautiful Sharon


Ferrill overlooking the water…

We stopped at a quaint Cuban Bistro, sat outside and sipped a sangria with the wind coming off the water. So wonderful.



They had carriages going by with people telling the history of Saint Augustine.  I loved this guys feathers.

feather man

I found this street singer… I love these next few photos of him.

playing guitar

smoking guy

So this was a huge highlight of our day. We found an all natural Popsicle place. Check out these flavors… omg! amazing… I got the Hibiscus pear. mmm…

the hyppo


After visiting the historic area of Saint Augustine, we crossed over the bridge and went to the beach. It was a little chilly out, so that’s why we are well dressed. haha…



smiles on the beach


brandon shadow


Inst.gram baby. taken with my Iphone4.

beach b&b

I love this one below.


When we finished at the beach, we drove back to Jacksonville and got dressed nice to drive back to Saint Augustine for our anniversary evening together.  Brandon took me to a little Italian place off a side street in Historic St. Augustine. We ate dinner together, and then after we walked down to a small martini place inside a historic hotel house. We sat on the front porch over looking the water with a jazz band playing. Oh man… I can’t rank that moment high enough. It was beyond perfect. So incredible. Brandon and I then went and sat on the beach looking up at the stars, dreaming together. Such a fantastic day.


On Sunday, we visited our friends church and spent the late afternoon at Jacksonville beach. I took my film camera, so I don’t have any photos developed yet from it. Maybe I’ll share later.

Monday we left around noon and drove half way to Savannah, GA. Another…. OMG! weeping trees again with moss hanging, old buildings…. oh man! We only were able to stay like 2 hours. I was dying to visit every store and see every side street with the parks. I took quite a bit with my film camera again. But here are some I took from my digital.


(Iphone photo above)


collage savannah


rustic savannah

Ending it all with Five guys is always right.


me 5 guys

So, yah… it was all pretty much amazing getting away from the craziness and thoughts of normal life, and just being with my best friend. Brandon and I had a great deep, tearful conversations about life on our road trip home. I love him. yes. I say, I’ll keep being married for him forever.

Thanks for reading and looking. 😉