Joe and Angela Gerics

I have known Joe since I was born. His family has been super close to our family for forever. I remember having nerf gun wars in Joe’s basement with my brother and his brother, Steve. We also played 007 golden eye till late into the night, when our parents would talk for hours.

I met Angela on a mission trip back in 2002. We spent about four weeks together that summer, and we did just about everything together. I laugh hearing Angela laugh, it cracks me up.

Angela and Joe met on a mission trip to the United Kingdom a few years later. They met, fell in love, and married all within a year. Joe is a history teacher in a high school and Angela is in college working hard. They both are from up north and I’m hoping that the Carolina sunshine might persuade them to move a bit closer. 😉 I so love them, I couldn’t be happier when Joe and Angela fell in love. It is absolutely perfect.

Angela emailed me a few months ago and told me that her and Joe were going to be in North Carolina for a wedding and they wanted to see if I could take some fun romantic photos of them. I was super excited!

I found an old burnt down camp ground that I pass everyday and behind it was tall grass, and on a bit of a hill. We started here and ended at the peach orchards by my house.

I’m excited to share these!

I love you Angela and Joe! 😉

Joe and Angela porch

angela leaves
joe and angela tall grass kiss

b&w kisses

Joe and Angela b&w collage

Joe and Angela golden light

tall grass

angela light

golden light

Angela portraits1

angela shack

joe and angela shack

angela portraits

Joe and Angela portraits

joe portraits

b&w Joe and Angela

angela peeks

joe and angela golden light 3

joe and angela golden light 4

Peach orchards1

Peach orchards2

Peach orchards5

Peach orchards 4


Joe and Angela laughs

Joe and Angela funny