The Tale of Forest Kael. Part 3

I think we’ve all been waiting for these photos…

Little Káel is a little over three weeks old now and he’s vibrant, full of personality, so sweet, alert, healthy, handsome, and all boy. 😉 I went over to Sam and Jessica’s house yesterday and he was all happy to see his Auntie Rivkah!

Disclaimer: This is my 1st time photographing a baby! 😉

sweet boy collage


dresser boy

káel 1

b&w collage

b&w profile

little man

long body boy

b&w collage w/ jess

jess kissing her boy

little head

oh dear!

happy mommy


sharing a pillow w/ mom

sleepy boy

kissing her boy

b&w sleep

happy dad

color boy

lovin' their man

we are family!


To be continued…